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We would be pleased to present to your group or host a talk on a range of issues that are relevant to our senior community.


Our sessions are informative and anything but a sales pitch. Choose from the examples below, or contact us with any suggestions for topics which would be of interest to your group.

Many Shades of Green

Everything you need to know about Natural Burial

This presentation will give you a deeper understanding of a range of aspects of green or natural burial.  

What are the five characteristics of this form of disposition? And Cemeteries - how green can they be?  There are several categories – you will understand what they are. What about Nova Scotia – what is possible here? Finally green products – have you seen a casket that starts its life as a bookcase?  You will. 


Lighten up!

Get started with decluttering

Do you have the urge to purge? Have you made any resolutions about dealing with clutter creep? Let’s talk about the upside of downsizing.

Clutter happens. Too much stuff happens. And now the kids don’t want Aunt Ethel’s treasured china or ceramic cat collection… or your buffet and hutch!  What to do…  Epilog has a process we will share with you – the Five D’s of Decluttering!

You will leave this session feeling a little lighter – with some practical tips about how to approach decluttering – and a better understanding of the emotional attachment we have to our “treasures” – and the differences among the various generations.  We help people feel less overwhelmed about organizing, decluttering, downsizing, moving – or staying where you are – while living lighter on the earth.


“Just carry me out of here – I’m not moving!”

Talking about alternative housing options

Not many people like the idea of moving – especially when you’ve lived in the same place for a long time and are faced with having to uproot and downsize. For many of us, it becomes a reality as we age when that place we love, or level of support we have there, are no longer suitable for a safe and healthy life. And sometimes, we put it off longer than we should because we don’t want to think about it – or even talk about it. How do we have those conversations with others and what are the options anyway?  

This session, in which you will learn about Epilog’s five D’s of difficult moving considerations, is aimed at both those who need to consider moving and those around them who know it is needed but find it hard to talk about. Both sides avoid it. We will help you put it on the table and address those critical topics before the time comes when decisions are upon you -- and are much more difficult.


“I don’t want to talk about it!” 

Advance planning for avoiders and deniers

This session is for all those people who avoid conversations about end of life – maybe those who think talking about it might hasten it along!  It won’t and here’s the thing – if you don’t talk about it, it’s going to come to us all and without a plan, there will be challenges!  If you do talk about it, it’s still coming and it’s not fun, but with a plan, it’s a whole lot better! So when should you plan? Best answer – before now. Next best answer – now.  

In this session, you will learn about Epilog’s five D’s of Advance Planning and the critical four documents that we should all have in place – and who should know about them! You might be like about half of Canadians who have a will – hurrah, that’s one! But what about the other three important documents – and the conversations that should happen around their creation? Let’s talk about them all.


Losing someone you love is never easy. Epilog is here to help guide you and your family through this difficult time.