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About Us

Wise women have seen a lot. Our team at Epilog has definitely “been there, done that” when it comes to facing end-of-life situations. 


We have accompanied friends and families on their end-of-life journeys. We have been executors and prepared advanced directives. We’ve been funeral planners and Celebrants providing support to those considering medical assistance in dying. We have packed more doilies and teacups than you can imagine as people have downsized to smaller homes or long-term care. We’ve also learned that few are prepared to create their end-of-life journey. We can help plan the journey you want, and make it happen.

The Story of Epilog 

Epilog is a Nova Scotian company which aims to reimagine funeral services and end-of-life care with a full-service range of options from natural burial and celebrations of life, to services for seniors transitioning from their family home, or preparing for the next chapter in other ways. From organizing their move, to facilitating tough family discussions around advance directives, our team is here to provide personal service so people can tell their stories.

Our skilled team include women who are licensed funeral directors, end-of-life doulas, funeral Celebrants, senior move specialists, coaches, and more. We provide personal support to make necessary transitions, create a legacy, and have peace of mind. Epilog compassionately supports the practical, emotional, social, and spiritual facets of deathcare and life transitions.

Our Team

Epilog is a 100% woman-owned and operated, collaborative, client-centric, ethical and socially responsible company.

Our team values integrity, trust, authenticity and compassion.

Louisa Horne

Founder, Transition Specialist, Celebrant, End-of-Life Doula

Passionate about helping seniors find peace of mind and live with joy, Louisa takes a “big picture” view to meet the needs of each person and family. She is an active nature enthusiast and community volunteer and is proud that Epilog has been established as a Community Interest Company.

Louisa has completed training in advance planning and community death care and has earned an end-of-life doula certificate from Douglas College. She is also a Celebrant for funerals and Celebrations of Life and has studied Grief and Bereavement at the Atlantic School of Theology – and she is passionate about natural burial and is the first person in Canada to have completed the Green Burial Council Proficiency Certification. 

Louisa has been involved in many downsizing and moving projects - she has packed a lot of doilies and silverware and knows the challenges of transition from personal experience! She has completed certification training for Senior Move Specialists through both the National Association of Senior Move Managers and the Certified Relocation and Transition Specialists.

Louisa is a successful entrepreneur and her career has included small-business consulting, executive coaching, and serving as an educator and trainer. She is a lifelong learner, currently engaged in doctoral studies, and is an active community volunteer and regional leader within Rotary. Louisa grew up just outside Halifax, Nova Scotia, and currently lives near Sambro where she treasures time with her two spaniels.


Transition Specialist, Celebrant, Artist, End-of-Life Doula

Jeri brings a world of experience and creativity to serving seniors. Unexpected life vexations are a reality she knows well from her support of friends and family who faced loss and setbacks. With an emphasis on fostering growth and actualization to the balance of life, Jeri aids seniors and those who are terminally ill as they adjust to major, life-changing transitions, providing compassionate guidance in their journeys. She specializes in memoir consultation, event planning, and grief and bereavement counselling. She is passionate about bringing more joy to clients’ quality of life with guided imagery, movement, meditation and creativity through symbolic activities including artwork, music and journaling.

Jeri is a Celebrant, and professional facilitator, and she has completed Douglas College’s End-of-Life Doula certificate. She has trained as a palliative service transition supporter and is a Certified Relocation Transition Specialist. Jeri has over thirty years of arts experience, offering non-medical methods and techniques to trigger momentum and positive disposition. She is a world-renowned jazz vocalist and serves as Professor Emeritus of Concordia University, Ontario. She resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and is an arts contributor, consultant and producer of various performance projects.


Senior Transition Specialist

George-Anne has extensive experience working with people to ensure their needs are met. A natural nurturer, she worked in Early Childhood Education for many years - countless children benefited from her exceptional care. Seniors have also enjoyed her attention – trained through the VON as a palliative care volunteer, numerous clients welcomed her visits.  She has also studied Senior Move Management.

A master of hospitality, George-Anne owned and operated a catering business and not only arranged gourmet food for small and large events, she also provided delicious and carefully planned meals for families on a regular basis. She is an expert at meeting diverse needs – nutritional and otherwise. 

George-Anne has “been there, done that” when it comes to downsizing and moving. She did it for her mother, who lived with George-Anne’s family for many years, and she sorted three generations of treasures and researched finding the best homes for them as she downsized and moved herself.

George-Anne can often be found accompanying friends with their dogs on long walks around Halifax – and she continues to treat those lucky enough to be entertained at her fabulous dinner parties.


Senior Transition Specialist, End-of-Life Doula

Sharon has extensive training in various areas and earned certifications in Counselling, Managing Resources, Emerging Trends in Human Resources, and she has an End-of-Life Doula certificate from Douglas College. She has counselled women in abusive situations as well as those suffering from loss of someone they loved or recovering from addictions. As a Toastmaster, and through her career as a corporate people leader, Sharon honed her public speaking skills and her talents in assisting professionals to communicate effectively and reach their potential. She has worked in recruitment, where she hired and coached  hundreds of people as well as provided both one on one and group counselling.

Sharon’s volunteer experience helping seniors to “pack up” estates and homes prepared her to be a Senior Transition Specialist. She is particularly effective with this because of her exceptional communication skills and her ability to understand others while not making judgements.  

Sharon, known to be kind, open minded and empathic, can be seen walking from one end of the city to the other. She is a reading and live music enthusiast, and treasures time with her daughters and adored grandson.


Senior Transition Specialist, End-of-Life Doula

Trudy has supported seniors for most of her life – with various family members with chronic illnesses, and living in a home with three generations, she learned to offer personal care as a child. She was primary caregiver and managed financial needs for her parents. As a certified end-of-life doula from Douglas College, she has supported others as well.  She earned certifications in Community Deathcare and Senior Move Specialist.

Trudy is a pioneer – the first female automotive technician in Nova Scotia, her knowledge and exceptional client relationship skills enabled a successful career in luxury vehicle sales. She is also the only female Porsche Performance Driving instructor in Nova Scotia.  

Trudy is an antique enthusiast with extensive knowledge of houses and renovation. A former award-winning real estate agent, her experience is ideal for supporting living transitions. Through her various career directions, Trudy has completed innumerable training courses on product knowledge, human behaviour, psychology, customer care and more – and thus she is very talented in assessing individual needs and providing exemplary client care.
An avid gardener, Trudy is happy playing in the dirt – and enjoying her three grandchildren


Licensed Funeral Director and Certified Funeral Celebrant

John brings compassion and dedication to supporting each family in his role as a Nova
Scotia Licensed Funeral Director and Certified Funeral Celebrant. Passionate about
environmental sustainability and attention to detail, he takes great pride in the important
work he does.
Following high school, John joined the Canadian Navy and served on HMCS Fraser.
After completion of service John went on to pursue a career in funeral services.
His apprenticeship began in 1986 at Ettinger-Kennedy Funeral Home, Truro, NS.
During the early part of his career, John served in the ambulance service in Annapolis Royal
where he met his wife Jane. In 2015, after three decades of serving families from one coast
to the other, John came full circle when he and his family settled back in Truro where his
journey in the funeral services sector had begun.
John rarely misses his daily walk in Truro or his Saturday visits to the farmers' market.
He has also dedicated considerable time to the renovation of the family home.
John is grateful to continue to serve the community of Nova Scotia and is looking forward
to being a dedicated and caring member of the team at Epilog.

Losing someone you love is never easy. Epilog is here to help guide you and your family through this difficult time.