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Celebrant Services

We create personalized, meaningful events and ceremonies to honour each person’s unique story.

A Story to Remember...

Epilog goes far beyond the typical officiant duties. We facilitate the family’s decision making, and provide recommendations and resources to suit their values and preferences. Epilog ensures that our services integrate personal details and honour the person who has passed in a way that captures their individuality and reflects their beliefs and lifestyle. 

A Celebration of Profound Remembrance

Personalized Service
Our team will create an event that captures the essence of the person. We can provide a Celebration of Life or Memorial with a Graveside Service on the same day or on separate days. We can also create an individualized Order of Service, and if desired, we facilitate story telling and memory sharing by friends and family.

It’s Your Choice
You can be as traditional or creative as you wish. From a church, synagogue, mosque, or other faith-based venue, to your living room or the yard at the cottage, we will do our best to coordinate your wishes. We can include religious or spiritual elements – or not. Our compassionate care honours your wishes and what will be most meaningful to you.

We are happy to collaborate with faith leaders, funeral directors, and others as desired. We can work together with whoever you wish to have involved to create the service you want.

We offer a planning consultation with the family (~1 hour, ideally in person). We collaborate to plan music, readings, reflection, eulogy, memorial displays, and other special requests.

What is a Celebrant?

The word has traditionally meant a clergy person who presided at liturgies, rites and other ceremonies – while an “officiant” was not necessarily an ordained person.  Epilog’s team members are not ordained – we encourage those with religious faith to be supported by their clergy and if desired, we can help with other aspects of the process. We have great respect for the boundaries between what we offer and the expertise of religious officiants and we welcome opportunities to collaborate with clergy and religious leaders of all faiths. We cannot offer the type of pastoral, grief care, and service they offer to families. We use the word “celebrant” as it is becoming more commonly used now in secular communities, as a synonym for a non-religious “officiant”.


An article from the UK explaining the difference between a Celebrant and a religious officiant. 

Losing someone you love is never easy. Epilog is here to help guide you and your family through this difficult time.