M.A.I.D. Support

Epilog offers peace of mind by assisting with navigating and planning for arrangements surrounding the process of medical assistance in dying (M.A.I.D.).

The Final Chapter

Epilog’s Transition Specialists provide practical and emotional support to those who have embarked on the path toward medically assisted dying. Our process considers the wishes of our client to assist in the journey while reducing burdens or undo stress for family and friends.

A Helping Hand

We offer education about M.A.I.D. to those involved to help avoid possible stigma and help take the burden off family and friends to answer questions. We will communicate with family and friends, and explain the process to others.

Needs & Wishes
We will plan and manage the M.A.I.D. event (place, ambience, music, rituals as desired). We keep your needs and wishes for M.A.I.D. services as our number one focus as we validate your concerns and fears, align with your beliefs and values and make your wishes possible. We will help you maintain control of the process at whatever level you desire.

We offer reassurance and reduce stress for family and friends – our team is here to help them and assist with anticipatory grief.

Preparation of Legacy Plans
Epilog will ensure necessary documents are prepared – Celebration of Life wishes, power of attorney, and will. We offer peace of mind about end-of-life plans being in place, for all those involved.


Health Canada

Federal government information about legislation and eligibility for Medical Assistance in Dying.

Nova Scotia Health

Extensive information for those learning about Medical Assistance in Dying.

Dying with Dignity

Useful information about dying with dignity.

Bridge C-14  

A network of peer-to-peer connections and community supports through all stages of Medical Assistance in Dying. 

Losing someone you loved is never easy. Epilog is here to help guide you and your family through this difficult time.