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Caskets, Shrouds & Urns

A Choice That’s Right for You

Part of a natural burial involves the use of natural materials that will revert back to the earth. There are many choices, ranging from the most basic cotton sheet, to a hand-crafted earth-friendly casket made from softwood or hardwood without the use of metal hardware.

Caskets & Shrouds

DIY Casket

Our Fee: $0

Construct your own biodegradable casket. Just do a search online and you will find free plans for easy to make biodegradable ones with no screws, varnish, etc. Connect with us to chat about options to make sure what you create will meet the requirements of your chosen cemetery and then go at it!  You can even have the artists in your circle decorate it with water-based paints or markers! 

DIY Shroud

Our Fee: $0

Create a cotton, linen or silk shroud or use a quilt or a large cotton sheet that you may have already! You can use water-based fabric paint to decorate it if you wish.  

Linen Shroud

Our Fee: $290 + shipping

Locally made shroud with pocket for a back board up to 12 inches wide x 6 feet long. Fabric measures roughly 8’ x 10’, slightly larger than a flat sheet for a king size bed. Also included are 5 ties, each 6’ long. Material is natural unbleached cotton – you could paint it if you wish. 

Pine Casket Shelf Kit

Our Fee: $1,500 + shipping (from NB)

Love the idea of a simple pine casket but won’t need it for a while? Put it to work right now! This bookshelf option adds 5 adjustable solid pine shelves. “Flat-packed” and delivered directly to your door. Made of locally sourced solid eastern white pine wood. Do-it-yourself, flat-pack to finished casket in under 30 minutes. Includes step-by-step instructions and a hammer for assembly. Environmentally friendly, certified at the highest level by the Green Burial Council.

Pine Casket Kit

Our Fee: $1,480 + shipping (from NB)

Everything you need to build your own natural pine, metal-free casket. Construct and decorate it as you wish. An optional mattress and pillow (unfilled) can be added for $195.

  • Each kit includes the following: 45 wooden dowels (38 required), a rubber mallet and 13 wood parts.
  • Inside Dimensions: 12.5” x 22” x 76”
  • Max Carrying Weight: 280 lbs
  • Materials: pine and cherry wood
  • Assembly Time: under 30 minutes

OAK Casket KIT

Our Fee: $2,100 + shipping (from NB)

The Pine Casket Kit made with beautiful red oak.



Our Fee: $0

Use something meaningful that you already have to hold remains for scattering – a jewellery box? A fishing tackle box? Maybe a purse? They all work and if they are not biodegradable, they are still ok for scattering or for use in a ritual.


Our Fee: $0

Make a burial container – perhaps you are skilled in working with wood or clay.  A wooden container that has no metal is perfect. Or an unglazed clay urn. Or maybe you’d like to use a cardboard shoe box that the kids have decorated. Those all work.  

Handmade Stoneware Urn

Our Fee: $150

Created by a local Halifax potter. This urn is unfired so when buried it will break down into the earth, leaving no trace. You could even decorate it first with water-based paint.

PINE Urn Box

Our Fee: $450 + shipping (from NB)

This urn features a specialized joint popularized in the early 20th century. Handcrafted of NB pine and secured with cherry joinery.  

Cherry/Pine Urn Box

Our Fee: $490 + shipping (from NB)

Handcrafted of local New Brunswick pine, this box features cherry dowel joinery and a satin finish. 

Oak Urn Box

Our Fee: $550 + shipping (from NB)

If you love oak, the Pine Urn Box can be created in beautiful red oak.

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