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Fees & Options

Affordable, Naturally!

We believe that you should make your choice about environmentally sustainable deathcare without needing to consider cost as the predominate factor. 

Burial or cremation? 

We know that many people choose cremation because it is perceived as more affordable – but that is not necessarily the best determining factor from an environmental perspective. 

To make that choice align with your values about the environment easier, we have made our fees the same for both cremation and full body burial.


We are committed to equity and social justice in offering our services to everyone – and we endeavor to have fees that are affordable for families while fairly valuing our skills and services.

Families with different incomes should all be able to make dignified end-of-life choices and so we offer a sliding scale of service fees, based on household income of the person who has died and/or person(s) responsible for paying for the services, at the time of the person’s death.

Income levels are based on Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) definition of income as found on Line 236 of your most recent CRA Notice of Assessment for each household member. This is a common approach to determining income and is used for Continuing Care and Child Care subsidies in Nova Scotia. The scale we use is based on the Nova Scotia Continuing Care, Home Care Fee structure.

Families interested in our sliding fee scale can meet with us, and bring a copy of their most recent CRA Income Tax Notice of Assessment Form. We use the total of income from line 236 to determine household income for the sliding scale. 

Annual Income for Household 1 2 3+
$0 - $29,010      
$29,011 - $44,010      
$44,011 - $54,010      
$54,011 - $64,010      
$64,011 - $74,010      
$74,011 - $84,010      
$84,011 - $94,010      


30% $1,400
20% $1,600
15% $1,700
10% $1,800
5% $1,900
- $2,000

What’s Included:

  • Professional services of a funeral director and end-of-life support team members – this includes consultation about your choices and coordination of the activities described here
  • Local transfer from place of death to our care (within 50 kilometers of the Halifax Old Town Clock – mileage fees of $0.75 per kilometre beyond that radius) 
  • Professional service of a funeral director for basic body care (bathing and dressing) – together with you at home, or by us in our location
  • Sheltering of the body in a secure place until burial or cremation (72 hours maximum) or support for safely keeping the body at home (cooling required) 
  • Administration, documents and registration (including Medical Certificate of Death, Medical Examiner approvals as needed, Certificate of Cremation, six Funeral Director’s Statements of Death)
  • Support with obituary preparation and submission 
  • Posting of online obituary on our site
  • Support with Canada Pension and Old Age Security application

For Burial: 

  • Preparation and placement in a shroud or casket that you provided or purchased

For Cremation:

  • Cardboard container (as required by the crematory) and cremation process (includes removal of pacemakers) 
  • Delivery return of cremated remains in an urn that you provided or purchased, within 50 kilometres of the Halifax Old Town Clock as above
  • Additives for buried or scattered remains to reduce toxicity to the soil

Payment terms – all fees are due at the time of service and before delivery of the Statements of Death – by personal cheque, cash or e-transfer. 

Additional Services

Additional services that you may choose (costs vary and estimates will be provided after consultation):

  • Preparation for, arranging and coordination of viewing and visitation – either at home or in another location
  • Transportation of casket/shrouded body to burial location
  • Flowers – natural bouquets or plants (note that we do not order flower arrangements that include foam, foil, plastic or other non-biodegradable components)
  • Venue and coordination for visitation, reception, or celebration of life
  • Refreshments for a reception 
  • Music or other performances
  • Live streaming services
  • Headstone or memorial consultation – we can seek estimates for you 
  • Coordination with cemetery – we can consult with the cemetery about a plot that you have already purchased or arrange a consultation for you to purchase one – and then coordinate the details of the opening and closing of the grave
  • Newspaper publication fees – we can book the publication for you 
  • Officiant – we have Celebrants on our team or we can arrange or collaborate with clergy or other officiants
  • Cremation viewing or witnessing of the cremation – this can be arranged in consultation with the crematory  

We do not offer:

  • Pre-payment for any services
  • Embalming – we can refer you to another service
  • Limousines/vehicles for family and friends – we can help you rent one if needed
  • Stationary, jewelry or other mementos
  • Non-biodegradable caskets, shrouds or urns

Losing someone you love is never easy. Epilog is here to help guide you and your family through this difficult time.