Natural/Green Burial

Professional support services that you can trust for making burial arrangements that are as green as possible.

As Nature Intended

Epilog is committed to natural and green burial practices which respect our fragile environment. We offer peace of mind that arrangements will create a final resting place with purpose and spiritual fulfillment while minimizing the carbon footprint associated with contemporary burial practices.

A Natural Conclusion

Socially Responsible
Our team will arrange an environmentally-positive resting place for remains and offer peace of mind as you make socially-responsible decisions to align with your environmental goals. 

Crafted for You
We'll help create an event that meets your wishes, easily arranged in advance with lower potential upfront costs and lower carbon footprint – and that also fulfills the dream to give remains a purpose. We help support environmental excellence – ensuring your last act is an environmentally sustainable one.

Celebrating a Life Well Lived
Our team will plan and implement a memorable, personalized Celebration of Life event that aligns with your values and desires.
We can arrange a green burial site or liaise with the cemetery if arrangements are already in place.

We share our knowledge and expertise and support and implement plans for memorialization. We'll facilitate acquisition of environmentally-positive caskets, arrangements for the personalized burial event (Celebrant, music, flowers, food, etc.) and include involvement of friends and family at whatever level is desired.


About environmental grief  

Epilog’s Founder, Louisa Horne, was interviewed for CBC’s White Coat Black Art about environmental grief.  

The Green Burial Society of Canada

Advocates for the adoption of environmentally responsible and ecologically sustainable interment, cremation, funeral service and bereavement care practices in every facet of death care delivery in Canada.

about Natural Burial

A short video from The Natural Burial Society of Canada about Natural Burial to help people understand what it’s all about.

The Green Burial Council

The leading US based group that inspires and advocates for environmentally sustainable, natural death care through education and certification.

Losing someone you loved is never easy. Epilog is here to help guide you and your family through this difficult time.